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LA Packing, Crating, and Transport is truly exceptional among art movers and packers. The Pasadena Museum of California Art uses their services multiple times a year for services ranging from packing and shipping a single object to large exhibitions with multiple venues. There are so many reasons why I trust and prefer LA Packing, but chief among them is that they are careful and conscientious with the art objects they handle. I have interacted with most of their art handlers on various shipments through the years (6+ years), and I always am pleased with the level of care they provide. Another reason that we consistently use LA Packing is because their rates are particularly competitive. As a non-profit institution with a tight budget, this is always a foremost consideration, and LA Packing somehow manages to provide excellent service, usually at a lower price than competing art shippers. I am also extremely appreciative of the responsiveness of Monica Becerril, the Museum Specialist that I work with on a regular basis. She is unequivocally lovely to work with and attentive to the many details required for a particular job. She is also quick to answer any questions I have and to provide accurate estimates for my projects.

Erin Aitali
Director of Exhibitions & Interim Associate Director
Pasadena Museum of California Art

When the non-profit Enamel Arts Foundation was planning its first national museum tour, we wanted to make certain the 122 pieces featured in our exhibition, 'Little Dreams in Glass and Metal: Enameling in America, 1920 to the Present,' were safe, well-packed, and secure. We turned to L.A Packing, Crating and Transport to produce the travel crates and handle the shipping. The crates they built were absolutely extraordinary. Each piece had a custom-built and clearly designated slot or space within its crate assuring the safety of the object throughout the tour. The clear labeling of wrapping materials and slots certainly facilitated packing and unpacking objects throughout the four-stop tour. Incidentally, throughout the course of the tour, art handlers, preparators, and registrars have commented on the excellence of the crates and on their ease of handling - high praise indeed coming from so many colleagues in the museum field.

We simply could not have been happier with the work L.A. Packing, Crating, and Transport produced on our behalf and we would give them our very highest professional recommendation.

Hal Nelson
Enamel Arts Foundation

As a museum in the Los Angeles area, we are fortunate to have several art shippers to choose from for our shipping as well as crating needs. While many may find the number of options as a blessing, it can also be difficult -- how does one choose from such a wide pool of companies? Who will securely transport the artwork? Who can work with our tight schedule?

In my twelve years as a collections manager, I have been extremely pleased with the services provided by L.A. Packing. Across the board, they have displayed the utmost professionalism and courtesy when taking care of our shipping and crating needs. Their staff is more than accommodating, often conducting independent research on local artists; such attention to detail has translated to safe packing and transport of the artwork. Their drivers have always handled the artwork with extreme care and are more than helpful when transporting the work into our storage areas/galleries. And I only use L.A. Packing for our crating needs for I am assured that our artwork will be properly secured and sealed during transit.

Ultimately, when choosing an art shipper, my overarching concern centers around the safety of the artwork on hand. And L.A. Packing always comes through.

Nikki Chang
Collections Manager
Japanese American National Museum
369 East First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

In my years working with art collections in Los Angeles, I have found LA Packing to be one of the best at packing and crating. They are also excellent at communicating and organizing shipments and offer competitive quotes. Their facility is well managed and the viewing gallery is clean and well lit- especially helpful for on-site condition reports or presentations.

Cynthia Tovar
L.A. Louver
45 North Venice Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291

I have relied on LA Packing and Crating for almost 30 years for all my shipping and installation needs. Jimmy Isenson's employees are professional, courteous, resourceful, and efficient. From crating artworks and shipping to international art fairs, to complicated installation assistance and art storage, I trust LA Packing and Crating and know that the art is in good hands. My requests for shipping and crating quotes are answered promptly. Moving artwork and/or crates in and out of storage is handled quickly and with care and precision. I happily recommend LA Packing and Crating to my clients and am pleased to have utilized their services over the past three decades.

Margo Leavin Gallery

I have been a client of L.A. Packing and Crating for many years. My husband, Scott Grieger, and I have our artworks stored there, some very large ones, as well as some small delicate ones, and we know that they are clean and dry and that they are in good condition. And we are confident that L.A. Packing knows where they are, and can send them far away or deliver them locally in a timely way, and that they will arrive in perfect condition.

Alexis Smith
5722 W. Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016
323-937-2669 | 800-852-9836 | info@lapackinginc.com

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