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Our Team

Our team team of professionals at L.A. Packing, Crating and Transport have degrees in Fine Arts and Museum Studies and and have years of experience in fine art handling for galleries and museums, museum crating and packing, shipping, and transportation.

David Silverman

Client Services

Direct: 323-648-7501
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Monica Creason Exhibition Coordinator

Monica Becerril

Museum Specialist/Special Projects

Direct: 323-648-7507
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Justin Christopherson

Exhibition Coordinator and Client Services

Direct: 323-648-7505
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Jessica Brozyna

Client Services Advisor

Direct: 323-648-7500
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Bridget Rambeau

Client Services Advisor

Direct: 323-648-7511
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Jesse Figueroa

Client Services Advisor

Direct: 323-648-7515
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Estefani Pedraza

Client Services Advisor

Direct: 323-648-7503
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Victoria Itaya

Assistant to Vice President of Operations.

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Miki Fujieda

Museum Special Projects Assistant

Direct: 323-648-7512
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Steve Spargur

Operations Manager

Direct: 323-648-7509
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Ralph Rosas


Direct: 323-937-3203
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5722 W. Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016
323-937-2669 | 800-852-9836 | info@lapackinginc.com

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